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Dominique’s trip to the orphanage in February (February 2019)

Dominique arrived in Leogane on Tuesday 5th February which happily coincided with a party to celebrate the 14th birthday of Bernica. The next day, the children went to school as usual which allowed the adults to discuss the details of the running of the house. Within the house, things are good. The children are healthy and happy, their schooling is going well and the overall atmosphere in the house is warm and friendly. However, externally, things are very different. During 2018, inflation in Haiti rose by 15% which means that support from Ti Gout Dlo Belgium is needed more than ever!

Regarding the investments that have been made to aid the orphanage in its goal of self-sustainability, the biggest disappointment has been the theft of the goats. Ti Gout Dlo had agreed to a 2-year investment in a breeding scheme that would have enabled the production of milk and cheese, and despite Gregory’s best efforts and vigilance, the animals were stolen. Bananas have been taken off the trees before they are ripe… Haitians are hungry and desperate.

On Thursday, nationwide protests broke out against the President and his government, which resulted in the schools having to close. Corruption is unfortunately still very present within the fabric of society and the politicians in power have so far proven ineffective in solving the country’s problems

Over the next few days, roadblocks ended up completely stopping traffic which made travel impossible and effectively stopped the participation of local children in the activities at the orphanage. Shops were also closed which made it increasingly difficult to get food and supplies.

This entire situation along with the advice of Joel Dresse, the Belgian Consul in Haiti, meant that we unfortunately had to cancel the sponsors’ trip to Leogane the following Tuesday. 11 sponsors were due to travel to Haiti to spend time with the children, but the level of unrest in the country meant that it was no longer safe to do so. Disappointment was great on both sides of the Atlantic, as the children had prepared songs and drawings for their arrival, and the sponsors had also planned to bring presents such as clothing, games, medicine and food to the house. In the end, these gifts were carefully packaged and will be sent via container to Haiti.

Dominique’s return to Belgium was very rushed. In the end, she had to leave her luggage at the orphanage and reached the airport via motorbike, slaloming between the roadblocks…

The socio-economic situation in Haiti is extremely worrying. Presidential elections are scheduled to take place in October 2019. To be continued….

Your help is particularly precious to us during this tumultuous time. No donation is too small and the entire team at Ti Gout Dlo thanks you for your generous help!


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