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A magical evening at Chateau Bayard with psychic Benjamin Ghislain (December 2018)

On the 1st February, a ‘psychic’ evening took place at Chateau Bayard. This wonderful evening was organised with the help of Cap Event, raising awareness and funds for two organisations: Pawa (schools in Congo) and Ti Gout Dlo (an orphanage in Haiti).

It was a big success due to the warm and familial atmosphere and the performance of Benjamin Ghislain, a psychic who managed to surprise more than one attendee during the course of the evening.

Haiti is currently suffering from mass social unrest, resulting in violent rioting on the streets against the President and his government. Inflation is soaring and food supplies are frequently scarce and hard to come by. Living prices are rocketing upwards and we are having to adjust our budget accordingly.

The proceeds from this soiree will safeguard, among other things, the continuation of the orphanage – which relies solely on the Ti Gout Dlo to keep running. The children need this stability in the face of this socio-political chaos more than ever before.

Some photos from the evening:


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