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We respect your privacy  !



We respect your privacy!

Article 1: Donation and sponsorship data and information is managed solely by ASBL TI GOUT DLO, rue Try Al Vigne, 99 to 5030 Gembloux, BCE number: 0828.310.615.

Article 2: We process your personal data in order to inform you of our activities, what we do with your donations, for fundraising purposes and for the administrative monitoring of donations, including, where applicable, the sending of a tax return document.

Article 3: We process:

1. Contact details (name, address, title and gender),

2. Email address, telephone number and date of birth (if this information is provided to us)

3. Information on donations or sponsorships received (date, amount, account number, possible domiciliation, etc.) and their execution date.

4. We may also process information that you spontaneously provide to us.

Article 4: We process personal data only within the limits of legitimate interest of the ASBL TI GOUT DLO.  After a donation is made to our organisation, your data is processed for proper monitoring of the donation in order to enable us to fulfill our obligations to you on the basis of our legitimate interest in handling the donation appropriately.


Article 5: In addition to internal collaborators, your data may be transferred to third parties when this is necessary for the processing of your donation (for example banks or tax authorities), or when we are legally obliged to do so.  Other than these specific circumstances, the ASBL undertakes not to transmit your personal data to third parties without explicit consent.

Article 6: Your personal data will be recorded for as long as necessary for the purposes of the ASBL TI GOUT DLO.

Article 7: If we contact you as a potential donor and you do not end up donating, we will no longer process your data and we will not keep it on record, unless you have actively shown your interest in our organisation in some way.

Article 8: As a data subject, the following rights relating to personal data are guaranteed to you by this non-profit organisation:

  1. Any request to exercise an individual right will be acted upon free of charge and within a reasonable time:

  2. Right of access: by exercising this right, you can obtain a copy of the personal data that has been processed.

  3. Right of correction: by exercising this right, you can always request that corrections or additions be made to your personal data. These requests will then be carried out.

  4. Right to erasure: by exercising this right, you can request that your data be erased in the event of irregularities in their processing.

  5. Right to withdraw consent: by exercising this right, you can withdraw previously given consent at any time. All processing will be terminated.

Article 9: All requests relating to your data can be sent in writing either to the registered office of the non-profit organisation as mentioned in Article 1 or by e-mail to "

Article 10: You can consult the policy relating to the protection of private data on the website of ""

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