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Ti Gout Dlo sponsorship: a multi-faceted formula  


The financial support

Since the association’s only fixed income is through sponsorship donations, these are essential. The amount of money donated each month/year contributes to the children’s school fees and living expenses (food, clothing, care etc). Sponsors can choose to make monthly or yearly donations starting from 50€ a month.



We strongly support and encourage the bond that is formed between sponsor and beneficiary. The creation of a long-term relationship not only allows for a hopeful future in Haiti for the child, but also a personal connection that has an important place in their lives, that continues even after they leave the orphanage.


When a new sponsorship is established, the orphanage manager explains to the child in question that a Belgian person is going to take special care of them and that they can get to know each other.

There are approximately two occasions to communicate each year: either when sending letters and parcels by container, or when the Belgian team visit the orphanage. These opportunities are announced in advance so sponsors will have the chance to send letters, photos, drawings, a little present. It is really incredible to witness the children’s excitement and happiness when opening post from their sponsor, and they take great pride in replying with letters and art of their own.


Interested ?

If you decide to become a sponsor, we suggest that you get in touch with us via email (our email address can be found in the hypertext link). We will be happy to introduce you to the child you will be helping, and send you their photo along with some information about them. A standing order to Ti Gout Dlo would need to be set up, and then the first chapter of a beautiful story can start…. It is possible for the sponsorship to continue beyond the child’s time at the orphanage: indeed, your support would be a huge aid along the difficult road to independence as an adult.

Martine - Lovely

Martine, together with her grandchildren, sponsor Lovely, a young girl in the orphanage. She says “We have formed a warm relationship across the Atlantic! We support Lovely in Haiti, and my grandchildren are learning to be compassionate and generous.”

Lysiane - Schneider

“The first time that I met Schneider, he was 7 years old. He spoke Creole and I did not. Our first meeting was very emotional for the two of us, we hugged a lot. It is a really warm memory. Since then, we have mainly communicated via telephone (over the internet) and exchanging letters. On my last trip, I spent 3 days with Schneider and during this time we really bonded and got to know each other better. My partner and I had a baby, and we made Schneider godfather to our child. I have discovered another side to him, this 10 year old boy who is so responsible and attentive to the wellbeing of our child. It was very touching. As a sponsor, I feel immensely satisfied and fulfilled by our bond.

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