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Our history

Ti Gout Dlo was created the day after the earthquake that devastated Haiti in January 2010 . A few days after the earthquake, Dominique Pirnay arrives in Port-au-Prince in order to provide assistance to the victims. By chance, she met Danielle Célicourt, a Haitian foster mother who has lost everything and is on the street with the 18 children (fortunately unharmed) that she was raising in the Fontamara district of Port au Prince. Very quickly, mutual trust was established, and the initial emergency aid therefore evolved to lead to the creation of the Ti Gout Dlo association.

After a transitionary period, and in order to better respond to the needs of this extraordinary family, Ti Gout Dlo decided to built a new house . 

Construction lasted a year and in September 2015, the whole family could move in to their new abode in Leogane, a coastal town

outside of Port-au-Prince. A new neighbourhood, a new school for the children, the period of adjustment was a success. Within the house, all was calm.

Over time, the project evolved in order to adjust to the needs of the orphanage. The current aim of the association is to support the home in becoming financially independent. At present, there are 22 children in the orphanage and additionally we are supporting 7 other children with school fees. The Haitian state does not provide any assistance to the youngsters, financial or otherwise. Their livelihood therefore depends solely on the money we raise through sponsorships, donations and fundraising events.

Our values

​Above all else, we place the child in need at the heart of our mission. We are driven by the belief that a loving and structured environment can allow the children to overcome their traumas and become confident, independent individuals. In order to do this, we try to give them the opportunity to continue their studies in order to receive a diploma, which is a valuable asset in Haiti.

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