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Bike & BBQ day on June 19, 2022

On June 19, 2022, the Ti Gout Dlo team had the pleasure of organizing an oh so festive and recreational day!

The friends of Ti Gout Dlo were invited for a bike ride in the pretty countryside around Sauvenière near Gembloux. The walk was followed by a BBQ evening, songs and sharing with Véronique and Philippe Pety de Thozée. We thank them again for their always generous welcome.

The good weather and the warm, family and friendly atmosphere made this event a moment of relaxation and conviviality for all.

The walk and the dinner raised funds that help the budget of the non-profit organization that supports the orphanage.

Our friend Julien Deroy, PhD student in agronomy and Haitian who helps and supports us there, took part in the bike ride before giving a brief presentation on his activities to help the development of agriculture in Haiti.

As for Woodlove, the young Haitian who is currently in Belgium, she animated the BBQ evening with her pretty voice by performing a few songs taken up in chorus by an enthusiastic audience.

It was really a beautiful moment!


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