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A Little Update (June 2021)

By addressing you today, we will avoid complaining about the very real difficulties that we continue to encounter whilst managing our small orphanage in Haiti. Difficulties that are very much linked to the country’s prevailing instability which increasingly terrorises Haitians, including our team and the children we care for.

We would rather share a success story that we are particularly proud of with you.

Do you remember how in our previous newsletter we informed you about the new collaboration between AGRIBEL-ETAGE (see the attached video below), the school/farm run by Julien Deroy, and Ti Gout Dlo? It is working far beyond our expectations! Thanks to a generous donation from Roi Baudouin Foundation, we have built a small house at the back of the vegetable garden, where intern students from the local agricultural school stay. They work energetically and enthusiastically, teaching the children how to tend the vegetable garden. The results have been spectacular – courgettes, aubergines and other local vegetables have been grown in abundance. The children’s diets have subsequently become much more varied and enriched with vitamins which thrills us. There is a little bit of you in each of these vegetables…. Thank you!

Julien Deroy considers our vegetable garden to be like a laboratory in Leogane; he gives seedlings and advice to any neighbours who show interest. The more people who can benefit from this knowledge, the better it will be for the local community.

The results of this undertaking have been truly encouraging; the children argue about who gets to work in the garden as they all enjoy it so much, the quality of their food has improved and Ti Gout Dlo is able to slowly integrate into the fabric of local society by sharing vegetable garden expertise.

You can imagine that all of this has a price:

the salaries of the interns, who all have their own families to provide for

the travel and accommodation of the interns

the installation of the irrigation system

the purchasing of seeds and seedlings

gardening equipment for the children

It is thanks to the generosity of those who support us that we were able to finalise the orphanage’s operational budget. It is 100% dependent on our association in order to function.

We still have enormous need of anyone who can donate, in order to ensure the future of the children for whom we are responsible.

For those who want to continue the adventure with us, please consider donating to Ti Gout Dlo: BE64 0688 9009 3952 with the communication ‘Donation’.

We benefit from tax exemption status and your certificate will be sent to you at the beginning of next year.

A huge, heartfelt thank you from everybody on the Ti Gout Dlo team for your generous support.


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