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Concert in Overijse (March 2017)

Dear friends,

We cordially invite you to an exceptional, magical evening combining music and tales from Mozart’s famous opera ‘Don Giovanni’.

Opera is music composed from a story. Storyteller friends Jean-Marie Couet and Pierre de Landes will take you in an unexpected direction.

Discover the story with musical illustrations performed by soprano Laurie Janssens and baritone Bernard de Coninck as we look at the story behind Don Juan.

Where does the myth come from? Is he just a patient to be locked up in a psychiatric institution? And his conquests, who are they? Shouldn’t we also know their stories? And how does Mozart fit into all of this?

We invite you to discover or rediscover the Opera of Operas, Don Giovanni by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Sandwiches will be available after the performance and the bar will also be open.

Today’s address:

Marie and Dominique Buysschaert are kindly hosting the evening in their magnificent conservatory.

Places are limited so make sure to reserve your places now!

To make a reservation, email….

One ticket costs 35€

The total profits from this evening will be donated to the non-profit organisation Ti Gout Dlo which supports an orphanage of 23 children in Haiti.

Myriam Kuborn

Véronique Pety de Thozée

Dominique de Broqueville


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